Did ya know?? and more…

Did ya know, there are kids (right here in Meeker County) who:

have never been in a boat?

have never been to the movie theater?

have never baked Christmas cookies?

I thought that fishing, going to the movies, and baking cookies were things most kids experience.  As it turns out, there are many kids who are looking to develop a friendship with someone who they can share these experiences with!

Stop and think about your childhood for a moment.  What was your favorite activity?  Who did you spend your time with?  Was it a grandparent, parent, neighbor, or family friend?  Could you share that activity again today?  Could you share that activity with a child?

Did ya know…Meeker County has a mentoring program that does just that?  LAMP (Litchfield Area Mentorship Program-Kinship) matches kids and adults together.   They spend a little time together sharing activities they both enjoy!

Did ya know… you could be that person?

Are you ready for a challenge?

Recently, I found myself thinking about my attitude.  I wondered… Am I a “glass half full” or a “glass half empty” kind of person?  Maybe I am a little of both?  Does it depend on my mood or the day?  Sometimes it is difficult to be positive about negative situations (at least for me).  There are so many situations today that can certainly bring on negative thinking (economy, health, weather, etc.-my list could go on and on!).  Have you noticed what happens when you focus on the negatives?  Have you noticed what happens when you focus on the positive?  You know the phrase you are what you eat?  I think it should be, you are what you think or you are what you speak!  I found myself thinking the other day…could I make it an entire day without saying one negative thing?  Would it be possible to make it an entire day stating only the positives?  So many negative things happen during each day, but could I really find the silver lining in each of those situations, in each comment that leaves my lips?  I think it’s possible.  It may take a few tries (or lots!) before I can refocus my thinking (and speaking).  Sounds like a challenge, a challenge I think I’m going to try.  Anyone else ready for a challenge??  I’m curious to find out how my little experiment goes for others too!

Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching?  ~Dennis and Wendy Mannering

To blog or not to blog…

Rumor has it…if you are not submerged in social media you should be!   So here I am, jumping head first into social media!  I’ve been on Facebook for a while personally, created a LAMP fan page, created a Linked-in account, and have great hopes of discovering Twitter(am I missing any?).  I’m tackling my biggest challenge first-blogging!  I’ve stayed as far away from blogging as I could for many reasons.  Mostly because I’m not a writer-what will I blog about?  What should I not blog about?  Really, the possibilities are endless for both!  So I’ll start with what I know.  Kids!  I learn something new each day from kids!  They are amazing people!  One of my friends says:  “kids are adults, just shorter with less experiences.”  How true!

I love kids and here are some of my favorite things I see in kids:

  • Curiosity: Those who NEED to know everything and ask why a million times!
  • No filters:  They say what they think and see!  You know what I’m talking about right?  The kid that points out the obvious differences the person in front of you in the grocery line?
  • Creativity:  The kids who can make something out of nothing!  These are the kids who play with the box instead of that new toy they just got!
  • Honesty:  They can be brutal but, it’s usually correct!
  • Willingness to learn: Kids are sponges and love to learn-except what green or brown mushy foods taste like!
  • Humor: kids crack my up! My son recently shared his newest joke: What did the banana say to the doctor?  I’m not peeling well!
  • Walking encyclopedias:  Kids can remember the craziest things! Do you know the names and pronunciations of every dinosaur or how many germs a human has on their hands at any given moment?  I don’t, but I bet if you ask a kid they do!

I can’t wait to find out what a child will teach me today!

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