What would we do together?

People who are considering becoming a mentor often ask… “What would we do together?” My response: “simple stuff”. It doesn’t take a ton of creativity. Simply ask yourself: what things did you like to do as a child? What things do you like to do now? For example: Insects-some kids LOVE bugs! Take a minute to check out an ant hill. Examine how they all work together to build their home, capture food, and escape danger. We took it to the next step and created a bug catcher with a cup and a couple of straws. This provided us at least one hour worth of entertainment with just one ant hill! If you really wanted to make it an event you could search out different types of insects. You could learn more about each type you found at the library and make a chart of all of the types you found, and list what you learned about each one. You could play catch, cook, or catch insects. Really, kids just want one thing. They want to spend time with someone who cares about them and everything else they learn in the process is a bonus!

Bug catcher instructions: http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/bug-catcher-666505/

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