It is okay if you say “I can’t or don’t want to be a mentor”!

Really?! Yes-I said it! Its okay if you can’t or don’t want to be a mentor. Mentoring is not for everyone -and that’s okay! We all know what it’s like to feel pressured to do something that you are not ready for. We can all relate to the dreaded phone solicitation, or knock on the door by the stranger that wants you purchase something you are not interested in. That feeling stinks right? Right. The end result is usually not good. Who wants to deal with the regret of purchasing a $1000 broom!

At LAMP, we are not about pressuring anyone into becoming a mentor. Why don’t we? The biggest reason is -it doesn’t work! Mentors need to be ready. Mentors must be safe adults. Mentors need to be excited to spend time with a child. Mentors need to be looking to fulfill a need in their own life too.

If people sign up to be a mentor because they like the status of being a mentor or feel like they “should” sign up, or are pressured, it typically doesn’t bring good results in the end. Mentors can become overwhelmed, feel over-committed, and may regret their choice. The results may be a child who can’t quite figure out why their mentor doesn’t call, or why they don’t meet regularly. They may wonder “what did I do wrong” or “they must not like me”. We work to avoid this-which is why we share our information in hopes that at some point it will find the right person who will in-turn become a mentor. Mentoring is about helping kids learn more about themselves, gain new skills, experience new things, and gain a new friend!

You will know if mentoring is a good fit for you. You’ll be drawn to it. You’ll want to figure out a way to include a child into your already busy life. You’ll probably even consider it for quite a while before making that call or completing that application.

So again, if being a mentor is not a good fit for you-that’s okay! We know that when you are ready-you will make that call!


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