How will your donation change the world?

Thinking of donating, but not sure how your donation will make a difference, or how it will help to change the world?

According to results Prepared by:
        Paul A. Anton, Wilder Research
        Prof. Judy Temple, University of Minnesota

       Wilder Research
        1295 Bandana Boulevard North, Suite 210
        Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108

(complete results can be found via Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota

Based on our study of mentoring programs in Minnesota, it is clear that such programs can produce some or all of the following direct benefits whose values can (in principle) be quantified:

  • Improved school attendance and performance – leading to increased graduation rates, increased post-secondary education, and higher lifetime earnings;
  • Reduced truancy – resulting in reduced school costs and, ultimately, reduced high school dropouts and increased lifetime earnings;
  • Improved health outcomes – including reductions in teen pregnancy, reduced or delayed use of tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs;
  • Reduced juvenile crime (both violence and property crimes) – saving victim costs, court costs, and costly treatment of juvenile offenders;
  • Reduced costs of adult crime – both the crime losses of victims and the societal costs of prosecuting and incarcerating adult offenders;
  • Reduced needs for social services – both near-term costs of counseling and long-term costs of public assistance;We estimate that:
  • Based on conservative assumptions about outcomes and valuations, our representative program returns benefits of $2.72 for every dollar of resources used.
  • The program returns $2.08 for every dollar of cost if the value of mentors’ time is excluded from the estimated benefits.
  • The program returns $1.87 of public benefits (public cost savings and increased tax revenues) for every dollar actually spent on the program.

Your donation towards the LAMP program will help continue to provide quality mentoring to Meeker County youth!  Your support will help LAMP to:

*match a child with a caring adult

*provide ongoing match support

*provide group activities

*provide ongoing mentor training

*assist with the after school study/group mentoring program

By supporting LAMP, you are helping to build a better community one child at a time! 


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