Match Activity Ideas

Winter things to do:          Summer things to do:

– Go sliding, skating or skiing                         – Build a campfire, make S’mores

– Build a snowman or snow fort                       – Take a tour of historical sites

– Borrow movies from the library                   – Learn how to canoe

– Learn winter survival skills                         – See a parade & fireworks display

– Winter camping or winter cookout               – Attend local fairs or state fair

– Play cards. Learn a new game each month      – Picnic. Both bring something

– Learn to play cribbage                               – Spend a day at the lake

– Take a life saving course                             – Play catch or Frisbee

– Work out at the YMCA                               – Try mini-golf or go-carts

– Study the stars, chart a course                   – Go camping

– Check out the Nature Center                       – Check out the Nature Center

– Take a Community Ed course together – Try water skiing or tubing

– Try woodworking or stamping                      – Become a rock hound

– Repair a broken toy or bike                        – Attend each other’s church service

– Take a craft/art class                                – Wash the car together

– Attend a school band concert                      – Go to Paul Bunyan Center

– Tour a local factory, police station,             – Play badminton, croquet or

The Dispatch, fire station or jail                   shoot baskets

– Read together, share the stories                  – Try horseshoes

– Ice fishing                                                 – Go fishing, then cook your catch

– Learn to play pool                                                – Plant a garden

– Take in a high school sporting event             – Volunteer at Camp Confidence

Spring things to do:                  Fall things to do:

– Plant a vegetable or flower garden                        – Play touch football

– Color Easter eggs                                                 – Get ready to go back to school

– Learn a new sport like tennis or golf                     – Rake leaves – press a few

– Go bird watching, find & name the species              – Make Halloween costumes

– Go for a hike in the state forest                           – See a spooky movie

– Have an indoor picnic or bar-b-que                       – Go for a drive – see the leaves

– Fly a kite                                                            – Have an end of season picnic

– Watch a baseball or soccer game                          – Bake cookies

– Go to a garage sale                                               – Carve a jack-o-lantern

– Build a bird house                                                 – Go on a hay ride

– Do spring cleaning together                                  – Clean & put away lawn furniture

– Visit an airport, watch the planes                          – Have a taffy pull

– Watch for school carnivals                                   – Go to school athletic events

– Go to a play at the high school or college               – Join KP activities

– Take your bikes to a different town & explore       – Check out local concert series

– Swim at Ramada Inn or a water park                      – Teach each other a new dance

– Borrow books/CD’s from the library                     – Make homemade fudge

– Go for a walk                                                       – Learn to use a compass

– Plan a summer outing                                             – Make Christmas gifts

– Clean out the garage                                             – Volunteer at a local site

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