Our match is ending-now what?

Matches (mentor/mentee matches) can end after reaching their two year anniversary as scheduled, when someone unexpectedly moves, the child turns eighteen years old, or numerous other reasons.  Ending matches and saying goodbye, can be very overwhelming and emotional for those who have connected and built a long-term relationship.   How can we prepare our youth to leave a match feeling positive about their future, confident they have the skills to handle challenging situations, and ready to deal with their emotions more independently?  Have you started preparing your mentee for what will happen the day your match ends?  Have you and your mentee talked about what kinds of emotions they may experience after ending a match?  Have you shared with each other how you might deal with those emotions in a positive way?  Do you have a plan for saying goodbye?  Have you agreed on a way to keep communication open down the road (sending birthday cards, mailing letters during the holidays, etc)?  Have you shared with each other the ways you will cherish your memories of your time together?  Does your mentee know that you will always be there for them-even if you are miles apart?  Help strengthen your match, and help your mentee build life long skills by discussing your futures together today.

You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you chose. -Dr. Seuss


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