Prairie Park

Prairie Park Activity

Wednesday, July 25th starting at 7pm at Prairie Park (Butler St.)!!

I encourage you to all attend, as this not our “typical” type of group activity-it’s more individualized than most!  This is a great activity for all ages, for matches who like to do things on their own, or who are looking for a quick 1hr event!  Mentors-if you are not able to attend please let your mentee know they can attend with a parent instead!  Any youth who are not yet matched are welcome (AS ALWAYS!) and are highly encouraged to bring a parent or another adult!!

During the event, I will send each mentor/mentee match or child/parent out on their own for a scavenger hunt on the nature trail (for 30mins).  We will then regroup and send you out again start the treasure hunt (hidden treats for everyone!).  After that is completed you are free to stay and enjoy the park, or head out!  If you plan to stay, there is plenty of room for playing catch, frisbee, etc, and a small playground.-feel free to bring along a ball/glove if you wish (I’ll plan to bring some items too).

The LAMP group has several newer matches, and unmatched youth, many of which are new to the program…this would be a great way for everyone to have a quick few minutes to meet each other!

Please RSVP to let me know if you are attending (and how many of you-so I have enough treats!).

I look forward to seeing you all on the 25th!


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