What in the world is Morris saying?!?

Morris is the name we gave to a goldfinch, who has been putting on quite a performance at my house for the past 3 weeks! He seems to have something to say; only we can’t understand his language. He pecks on the outside of our windows over and over (AND OVER, AND OVER) again, and flutters up and down the glass. Hey Morris-we don’t understand Morse code! We are learning a little though, after visiting a website where you can type in words and it will give you the audio in Morse code (http://www.glassgiant.com/geek/morse/)! Even with a little research, we still can’t quite figure out why he acts like a woodpecker, or why he spends many hours each day going from window to window with this seemingly bizarre behavior. I wonder if he is trying to tell us something like, “Get a bird feeder!”, or “Wake up it’s 5 AM!”, or “ARE YOU LISTENING!?”. Is he just seeing his reflection, looking for a mate, looking for food, looking for a nesting place, or what? Then I find myself wondering, am I missing something bigger? Does the color yellow resemble something else? Is this a message from a higher power? Am I really listening-listening with my heart, listening with my ears, listening with my eyes? Maybe, Morris trying to remind us about listening to kids? Sometimes adults may think kids sound like they are speaking a foreign language (or Morse code)! Do we listen with our eyes, by paying attention their behaviors and body language? Are we listening with our hearts, and listening to the emotions between their statements? Are we showing interest while listening, by physically putting down the spoon when cooking and looking directly at them? At home, we try to find ways to keep Morris safe, by showing him danger is around the corner by tapping on the window. We hope he listens to us and makes the right decision to fly away before the cat gets to close. Is Morris a reminder to us to share bits of insights and warnings to kids, in hopes they make their own safe decisions? Just like with Morris, we may never know if kids decide to listen to those insights, and use them in their life situations. It seems as though, we just need to show interest, and remind them we are listening, so they can verbalize their thoughts out loud and work through challenges by talking through it. Just like with kids, I’m going to keep listening to and see what unfolds. Maybe all Morris needs is to feel comfort in knowing we are there for him, listening -faces pressed to the glass and all!

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