Done Holiday Shopping Yet?

Someone mentioned to me the other day that they are almost done Christmas shopping. My response: WHAT??? REALLY?? IT’S ONLY SEPTEMBER!!!  That statement got me thinking of some ideas of what I may want to purchase for my holiday shopping (not that I’ll proceed to purchase until at least November!!).  What would those on my list really want?  Of course, my kids will make a huge list of items they want most.  Most of their lists will include video games and electronic devices (I can’t blame them-I too, would love to have all of the new high tech items out there!).  As I proceed to think about what each person on my gift giving list might want, I can come up with a thousand items each may want (most of which are not in my budget). What is the one thing that everyone would want? I think of health, and happiness.  Obviously, I can’t give health so I consider happiness.  What would make everyone on my list happy?  Hmm.  After some thought, I’ve come up with the one thing that many of us take for granted.  Friendship.  We all want to have family and friends who care about them enough, to be considered a friend, or someone who cares for them and goes out of their way to help them when in need. We all want to be cared for in some way, someone we can trust, someone who we can rely on, someone who we can all be ourselves around.  And ‘ding!‘ the light bulb goes on in my head!  This is exactly what the kids in LAMP are looking for.  Someone who they can be themselves around, someone who they can trust, someone who wants to spend time with them, someone who will go out of their way to help them when in need, someone who they can call a friend.

When I do start my holiday shopping, I will keep in my how I can build new friendships and strengthen the ones I have.  I urge you to consider our local youth this year, as you make your holiday planning (whether it’s September, November or December 24th!).  Could you be the person who can give the gift of friendship to one of our local youth?  Could you be the one who may be able to build a bond with one of the 8 kids on our waiting list?  Is it you, who they have been waiting for?  If so, I hope you consider checking with us to see what it takes to become a mentor.  Maybe you’ll find you are ready to participate in the LAMP program, and give the best gift to one of our kids waiting.  You and your friendship could be the best gift you give this year!

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