Wow! LAMP parents/youth said that?

Thanks to our many donors, grants, LAMP has been able to provide support and training to our volunteer mentors who are: “Building a better community one child at a time”!  Check out the great responses below!

Our February 2012 survey results are:

6 matched children responded with the following:

  • 83% – feel more confident since having met their mentor.
  • Do you get along with your family: 50%-yes, 50%-usually.
  • 100% feel like they have adults outside their family who care about them.
  • 100% I plan to graduate high school or go to college.
  • 83% have tried new activities with their mentor.
  • List any new activities or skills you have learned from/with your mentor: Shooting bow, trying my hardest to learn more, bowling, shooting guns (conservation skills), swimming, knitting towels, braiding rugs, shopping, movies, petting pets, hanging out, playing games, having fun with them, bike rides, ice cream, playing games, I have something to look forward to do every week, everything nice.

8 parents (of matched and unmatched youth) responded with the following :

  • 100% felt you (or your family) have benefited in any way from your child being involved with LAMP. (Comments: My child feels like she has had another safe adult to talk to.  Having another resource for my child to talk to.)
  • 88% stated my child had gained new interests/skills by being involved with the LAMP program. (Comments: He/she has participated in activities that he might not have otherwise.  His social skills with adults other than family.  Knitting, communicating with adults.  She has better communication skills, and more confidence being around adults. Listens, more friends.)
  • Since being involved with the LAMP program my child:
    • Appears more confident-63%
    • Has developed new skills or hobbies-38%
    • Has a better attitude towards school-63%
    • There are more adults who care about them-50%
    • Has better test or grade scores-12%
    • Is making more friends-25%,
    • Gets along better with family-50%
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