“I’m Superman!” “I’m a ballerina!”

Look at me, I’m Superman!” “Watch me, I’m a ballerina!”  These were some of the phrases I heard on Saturday during our group activity.  Our group had a great time soaring through the sky while at the Prairie Woods Environmental Center.  We were able to participate in the outdoor rock wall, canoeing, and the flying squirrel.

It was fun to hear the excitement of those who chose to brave their fears of heights, and attempt the flying squirrel (and posed as superman and ballerinas while in the air)!  What was even more fun to see, were those who chose not to participate in the high events, but who chose to support those who did.  Even though they could have sat by and watched, they didn’t!  They helped to build a strong team of support and encouragement (and use lots of muscles!) to help the others take flight!   I was moved emotionally (and literally!) by those who chose to do so, and am proud to say I heard ZERO complaining (even with sore muscles and wear on their hands from the rope).

The rock wall was no different, as many chose to climb and some chose to support them.  I know that many of the kids were able to climb higher than they thought they could, and much of that extra courage was due to those cheering them on.

These events proved to remind us all, that we can accomplish more than what we think we can-all we need is a little boost from those around us!

Events were sponsored in part with a grant from the Meeker Cooperative Electric Trust, PACT4 Families Collaborative, and the Meeker County Emergency Food shelf. 

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