September LAMP-Kinship Event: Sibley State Park

LAMP-Kinship took a trip to Sibley State Park on Saturday, September 21, 2013.  It was a gorgeous day!  We got the opportunity to learn about and try geo-caching and archery, we went on two hikes, and had a picnic.  It was such a fun day, because everyone was so laid back and genuinely enjoying themselves together as a group.  We were going on a Pondview Trail hike and couldn’t quite find the right way to get all the way around the pond.  Even though we turned around, everyone just enjoyed the scenery, the journey, and finding many different things in nature.  We got to see a chipmunk, grasshoppers, butterflies, a caterpillar, wild flowers, birds, and many other plants.  Our host, park naturalist Brian Hurley, was awesome with the group while teaching us about geo-caching and archery.  It was very educational.  Later, we took a steep hike up Mt. Tom.  It was well worth the work going up, once we got to enjoy the view.  We could see for miles and miles!  The youth who went were wonderful the entire day, willing to try new things, were so helpful, and pushed through some of the challenges of hiking.  It was so great to get to know them better through this event!  Our mentors are just plain awesome people!  They were up for anything and enthusiastic all day long!  WOW, are we lucky to have such a cool group of people here at LAMP-Kinship!

Thank you to PACT 4 Families Collaborative for providing funding for our transportation for this event!  Thank you to the Meeker County Emergency Food Shelf grant for providing funding for the food for our breakfast on the bus and picnic at Sibley State Park! Thank you to Sibley State Park and its staff for the awesome geo-caching and archery programming our group got to experience and enjoy!  Thank you to Tammy, our bus driver from Hicks Bus Line, for getting us there and back safely!  What an awesome day at Sibley State Park!

Check out more photos in our photo gallery!


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