Fun at AirMaxx!!

LAMP-Kinship went to AirMaxx Trampoline Park in St. Cloud on Saturday night! A big thanks to Meeker Cooperative for funding this activity through their Operation Round Up grant, the AirMaxx staff, and Kathy our bus driver from Hicks Bus Line! It was a great night with lots of fun and exercise! We jumped, played dodge ball, and flipped and dove into the foam pits. Great job to all of our youth! They are a joy to be with, and always represent LAMP-Kinship so well. Thank you also to all of our adults (mentors and parents) who came along, the trip would not have been possible without you.

It was so awesome to see the kids having fun and working together to help each other out of the big foam pit.  We had youth with that ranged in age from seven to sixteen.  Our older youth were including the younger kids, and adults were jumping, playing crack the egg, and dodge ball.  What an awesome group of people we have in LAMP-Kinship!!  Thanks to everyone who ventured out with us on this event!

Teamwork group small group jumping small group 1
Rigo and Kayona
foam pit small group foam pit jumping foam pit 2

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