May 2014 Match Highlight

LAMP-Kinship Match Highlight

The Litchfield Area Mentorship Program-Kinship (LAMP-Kinship) is proud to honor Marsha, Bryan, and Brynna Goraczkowski and Mekayla as our newest match highlight.  Almost two years ago, the Goraczkowski family was matched with a third grade girl that was not quite sure of herself and a little withdrawn.  Her mom said that Mekayla didn’t really feel like she had a support system beyond her family.  Now both families have watched Mekayla blossom into a more confident young lady who can be her true self.

Mekayla and the Goraczkowski family have done lots of different activities together over the past couple years.  Some of their most favorite together time is just hanging out at their house and sharing their hobbies with each other or going to Brynna’s school activities.  The Goraczkowskis said, “Bryan and Mekayla take each other on in pool (billiards)  and cribbage, feed the fish in the pond together or take Ollie (the dog) outside to play.  Marsha and Mekayla try new recipes together in the kitchen, garden, look for garage-sale treasures, and go for walks with Ollie.  Brynna and Mekayla have girls’ nights and bring out all the nail polish for manicures and pedicures while watching favorite movies and eating popcorn.  Their favorite LAMP group activities have been the ones at the LAMP office with games and ways to connect with other matches.”

Mekayla said she likes being a part of LAMP because she learns new things.  The Goraczkowskis are involved in different activities than her family, so she gets to try and see different things when she is with them.  Mekayla also said sometimes it’s nice to have some time away from her three little brothers.  Mekayla’s mom said she loves being able to share her beautiful daughter with such a wonderful family, and that Mekayla always looks forward to their time together and beams when she comes home.  Mekayla’s mom also noted that her daughter puts more effort into being successful at school now.

The Goraczkowski family got involved with LAMP because they felt called to give back to a supportive community that helped raise their own children.  “We’ve been blessed in so many ways, we felt we needed to share with others,” said Marsha.  As teachers, the Goraczkowskis recognize that our future is in our children, and they wanted to be an encouragement to those families and children in our community who may need help seeing the wonderful possibilities the world and their future has to hold for them.  “For our family, everyday tasks become joyful when shared with someone who maybe hasn’t experienced it before.  Mekayla helps us see the joy in little things,” said the Goraczkowskis.

Marsha, Bryan, and Brynna said it has been fun to watch Mekayla grow in self-confidence, especially in handling and exploring new situations, in expressing her opinions, in opening up about her feelings, and in trying out her sense of humor on them! They said they have grown as a family in respecting others’ traditions, in appreciating little things, and in being able to go outside their comfort zones.

Congratulations to Mekayla, Marsha, Bryan, and Brynna!  We are proud to honor you and the wonderful relationship you have built together!   Thank you so much for being a part of our Kinship family!

For more information about LAMP-Kinship, call 320-699-1616 or visit our website at  Please help us find mentors for our 10 young people on our waiting list.

The Goraczkowski's & Mekayla

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