July Group Activities: 4-H Activities & Team-building and Game Night at Ecumen

LAMP-Kinship held two group events in July. The first
activity was an afternoon at LAMP to enjoy 4-H
experiments and team-building activities. We tried to
make slushies with rock salt, ice, and Kool Aid; a few of
them worked and a few flopped. We also made paint,
snow dough, and a great big mess! It was a blast! For
the team-building activities we worked together to flip a
blanket over while standing on it, we attempted a hula
hoop circle, and partnered up for some powdered donut
fun. We sure have some smart LAMP youth, because they
breezed through every challenge I gave them as a team.
Great job everyone! There were seven of us that hung
out for the afternoon, and there was a lot of laughing and
silliness! Our thanks to Darcy Cole and Hannah Barrick for
developing the creative, educational activities, and also
to Darcy for stopping by to share about 4-H opportunities
for our youth. Thanks to all who came!

Powdered donut team challenge 1

outside painting the ground


The second group activity we took part in was a game
night at Ecumen with the residents there. This event was
a lot of fun as well. We had about 25 people come to
enjoy some bingo, prizes, and good company. Thanks to
Julie Kadelbach and all the residents of Ecumen who made
the time to come to share in this activity with our youth
and mentors. Also, thank you to Marsha Goraczkwoski for
entertaining us all with piano music. A big thanks to the
Salvation Army Service Extension Unit for supporting this
intergenerational event! Thanks to their support we were
able to provide lots of fun bingo prizes, along with treats
and beverages. Thank you to everyone who attended and
made the event so much fun!

photo 2photo (2)photo 1 (2)photo (1)game prizes


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