September Group Event: Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center

I wanted to share some about our amazing day at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center! What an awesome and beautiful place! Thank you to the wonderful staff at Prairie Woods, and thank you to PACT for Families Collaborative for awarding LAMP-Kinship with a discretionary grant for the trip!!  Thank you also to the Meeker County Emergency Food Shelf for providing our lunch through our grant, and also to Econofoods for donating our breakfast in the morning!  
We got to try a really cool initiative game to get things going with some team work.  Then we headed over to the flying squirrel.  The flying squirrel requires one person to get in a harness, and then there is a team of balayers on the other end who pull you up to 40 feet in the air!  People could choose to go up slow, medium, or fast.  They could also choose how high they wanted to go up, and had the option to swing as well.  What a blast!  We got to practice communicating with the balay line, making choices for challenging yourself, and also trusting others that they will do what you ask.  After the flying squirrel, we got to go over to the climbing wall tower.  This was a lot of fun as well!  We had lots of our youth set a goal for themselves and reach or exceed their goal!  Our youth did an amazing job challenging themselves and encouraging others! Way To Go!!! Look at all you are able to accomplish!  You should be very proud of yourselves!
Again, thank you so much to Steve and Cameron, the staff at Prairie Woods!  They made the day so much fun and very safe.  Thank you also to all of our mentors and parents who came along.  You all set such great examples for these young people, and the trip would not have been possible without you.  Thank you to Hicks Bus Line as well for our safe transportation to and from this event.
I would definitely recommend Prairie Woods for any group to experience!
group flying squirrel aniya to the top and carly climbing sebastian and elijah reaching the top of wall Mekayla at the top of the wall abby flying 2 Devin flyingbalayers pulling team 1balay line running gabby flying


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