Summer Community Youth Opportunities

Litchfield Public Library

-Kick off for Summer Reading Program- June 9 -stop in and sign up for summer reading and receive a sheet to track your reading.  Then bring the sheet back completed and receive a prize!

-Professor Marvel-Magic Show  6/20 at 10:00am

-Brickheads Jr. Lego Building Club, ages 4-7 at 6:30pm

    June 12, July 10, August 14

-Brickheads Lego Building Club- 6:30pm, ages 8-14

     June 26, July 24, August 28     

-Beginner Book Club- pick up the book at the library, read it, and then meet on June 12, July 10, August 14 for fun activities

    3:00-4:00pm, Grades 1-3 (new book each month)

-Book to Movie Club- 3:15pm-5:00pm, grades 4-8

     June 9, July 14, August 11

-Gaming night, every Monday, 6-8pm, ages 10-adult

-Fun with 4-H @ the Library- June 25, July 9, July 23 at 3:00pm, grades K-5

-Murder Mystery Book Club – June 17, July 15, August 19

    2:00pm-3:00pm, grades 9-12

-Family Movie Night- for families with children of all ages

     June 16, July 21, August 18 at 6:00pm

For more info about library programming call 320-693-2483 or visit


Litchfield Community Education

-Pick up a program guide or or call 320-693-2354

There are scholarships available to families who qualify.  They use the same eligibility requirements as the school uses for free and reduced lunch.  If eligible, each child may sign up for one community education class.  For more information and to determine eligibility call 320-693-2354.


Meeker County 4-H

Join a 4-H Club: 

Acton Buzzers- Grove City- call Melissa Slinden/Tina Renne at 320-974-8150 or 320-857-2235

Forest City Livewires- Forest City- call Warren/Mia Stenmark 693-3436 or 320-434-0114

Litchfield Satellites- Litchfield-call Amy Nelson/Jean Fischer at 693-9531 or 593-3789

Sign Up for a One Day 4-H Camp:

MinnAqua Day Camp- Litchfield – West Ripley Park: Thursday, July 17th, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.    Location: Park Shelter -for youth completing grades K-6, Cost: $7

How’s It Made?- Litchfield- Thursday, August 7th, 

10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Cost: $15 for 4-H members and 4-H friends. 
Deadline: Tuesday, July 29th   Limited to first 25 registrants

Mystery Day Camps- Litchfield: Monday June 16th, 10:00a.m.-2:00 p.m. at the Meeker County Fairgrounds 
(4-H Foodstand)  Cost: $7  For youth completing grades K-5

I Wish I Had a Horse Camp- For youth completing grades 1-5. 
Location: Meeker County Fairgrounds in Litchfield 
Tuesday, June 24th, 12:30-3:00 p.m. 
Cost: $15    Limited to first 20 registrants.


For questions or to register, please call at 320-693-5275 or email  For more info on these day camps or other 4-H activity opportunities go to



Local Vacation Bible Schools- check with local churches


Summer Camp Scholarship Opportunities

-PACT 4 Families Collaborative is offering scholarships for summer over night camps through the Pohlad Foundation.  It is available on a first come basis, and you can get a scholarship application or ask Amy for an application.  

1.  only children from age 7-16 can receive scholarships (PACT 4 is targeting ages 10-15) 

2. a maximum of $500 per child may be spent on camp tuition for 1st time campers and $300 for repeat campers

3.  the majority of scholarships must be provided to youth who have never attended a residential summer camp

4.  the camp needs to be one on the accredited camp list.  The list can be found at

Any questions, please contact PACT 4 directly at 320-231-7030.


Workforce Center about the Minnesota Youth Program-

Youth can apply for a paid internship with a local employer.  The Minnesota Youth Program serves low-income and at-risk youth who need support in the building of academic and “applied skills” considered critical for current and future workplace needs.  Call the Litchfield Workforce Center- located in the Meeker County Family Services Building at 320-693-2859 for more information.

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May 2014 Match Highlight

LAMP-Kinship Match Highlight

The Litchfield Area Mentorship Program-Kinship (LAMP-Kinship) is proud to honor Marsha, Bryan, and Brynna Goraczkowski and Mekayla as our newest match highlight.  Almost two years ago, the Goraczkowski family was matched with a third grade girl that was not quite sure of herself and a little withdrawn.  Her mom said that Mekayla didn’t really feel like she had a support system beyond her family.  Now both families have watched Mekayla blossom into a more confident young lady who can be her true self.

Mekayla and the Goraczkowski family have done lots of different activities together over the past couple years.  Some of their most favorite together time is just hanging out at their house and sharing their hobbies with each other or going to Brynna’s school activities.  The Goraczkowskis said, “Bryan and Mekayla take each other on in pool (billiards)  and cribbage, feed the fish in the pond together or take Ollie (the dog) outside to play.  Marsha and Mekayla try new recipes together in the kitchen, garden, look for garage-sale treasures, and go for walks with Ollie.  Brynna and Mekayla have girls’ nights and bring out all the nail polish for manicures and pedicures while watching favorite movies and eating popcorn.  Their favorite LAMP group activities have been the ones at the LAMP office with games and ways to connect with other matches.”

Mekayla said she likes being a part of LAMP because she learns new things.  The Goraczkowskis are involved in different activities than her family, so she gets to try and see different things when she is with them.  Mekayla also said sometimes it’s nice to have some time away from her three little brothers.  Mekayla’s mom said she loves being able to share her beautiful daughter with such a wonderful family, and that Mekayla always looks forward to their time together and beams when she comes home.  Mekayla’s mom also noted that her daughter puts more effort into being successful at school now.

The Goraczkowski family got involved with LAMP because they felt called to give back to a supportive community that helped raise their own children.  “We’ve been blessed in so many ways, we felt we needed to share with others,” said Marsha.  As teachers, the Goraczkowskis recognize that our future is in our children, and they wanted to be an encouragement to those families and children in our community who may need help seeing the wonderful possibilities the world and their future has to hold for them.  “For our family, everyday tasks become joyful when shared with someone who maybe hasn’t experienced it before.  Mekayla helps us see the joy in little things,” said the Goraczkowskis.

Marsha, Bryan, and Brynna said it has been fun to watch Mekayla grow in self-confidence, especially in handling and exploring new situations, in expressing her opinions, in opening up about her feelings, and in trying out her sense of humor on them! They said they have grown as a family in respecting others’ traditions, in appreciating little things, and in being able to go outside their comfort zones.

Congratulations to Mekayla, Marsha, Bryan, and Brynna!  We are proud to honor you and the wonderful relationship you have built together!   Thank you so much for being a part of our Kinship family!

For more information about LAMP-Kinship, call 320-699-1616 or visit our website at  Please help us find mentors for our 10 young people on our waiting list.

The Goraczkowski's & Mekayla

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Fun at AirMaxx!!

LAMP-Kinship went to AirMaxx Trampoline Park in St. Cloud on Saturday night! A big thanks to Meeker Cooperative for funding this activity through their Operation Round Up grant, the AirMaxx staff, and Kathy our bus driver from Hicks Bus Line! It was a great night with lots of fun and exercise! We jumped, played dodge ball, and flipped and dove into the foam pits. Great job to all of our youth! They are a joy to be with, and always represent LAMP-Kinship so well. Thank you also to all of our adults (mentors and parents) who came along, the trip would not have been possible without you.

It was so awesome to see the kids having fun and working together to help each other out of the big foam pit.  We had youth with that ranged in age from seven to sixteen.  Our older youth were including the younger kids, and adults were jumping, playing crack the egg, and dodge ball.  What an awesome group of people we have in LAMP-Kinship!!  Thanks to everyone who ventured out with us on this event!

Teamwork group small group jumping small group 1
Rigo and Kayona
foam pit small group foam pit jumping foam pit 2

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HAM BINGO Fundraiser!!

Scanned Ham bingo Poster

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March Group Event: St. Patrick’s Day Party

All thirty-one of us enjoyed our St. Patrick’s Day party in March.  All ages had a blast with the MN Archery inflatable target range!  We also had a fun 4-H animal tracks activity, games, a Pot ‘O Gold Hunt, a Leprechaun photo booth, and a St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Challenge, along with some lucky charm treats and prizes.  It was great to have all of that energy and warmth in the LAMP office!  Thanks everyone for coming!
Thank you to the Meeker Cooperative Electric Trust Board who funded this activity, and the Meeker County Emergency Food Shelf for funding our green snacks!  Also, thank you to MN Archery for providing the inflatable target range!
IMG_1864 IMG_1861 IMG_1855 IMG_1852 IMG_1851???????????????????????????????
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February Group Event: Snow Tubing!

LAMP-Kinship’s January group event was snow tubing.  Twenty-four of LAMP’s youth, mentors, and family members had a blast together at Powder Ridge.  It was so much FUN!!  There was racing, tube trains, and rosy cheeks.  No one seemed to mind the cold though, because they were too busy having fun!  All ages participated and zipped down the cool is that!  Like I’ve said before, you all continue to teach me life lessons and inspire me.  Our thanks to all of the staff at Powder Ridge.  They were so wonderful with our group, and were so helpful, whether it was helping kids get on the conveyor belt or pushing groups of 8+ down the hill.  Thank you also to the Meeker Cooperative Electric Trust Board who funded this activity, and the Meeker County Emergency Food Shelf for funding our taco in a bag lunch before we departed!  We are very lucky to have so much community support!  For more pictures, visit our LAMP-Kinship Facebook page and like us!

GROUP not cropped snow tubing Gabby snow tubing Galen Bill Sebastian Dmitri snow tubing Jade Katelyn snow tubing Romeo snow tubing super women snow tubing train snow tubing-Kayona Snowtubing 1 Snowtubing 2 Snowtubing 3 Snowtubing 4


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January Group Event: BOWLING!

Everyone in LAMP-Kinship went bowling last Friday night at the Litchfield Bowling Center.  It was a blast!  Youth, mentors, and parents seemed to be having a great time!  We had twenty-four people come out.  Bowling is such a fun activity to do, and all ages can enjoy it.  Our thanks to Dan and Michelle at Litchfield Bowl for hosting us…they were awesome!  Thank you also to the Meeker Cooperative Electric Trust Board for funding this activity through our grant, along with the Meeker County Emergency Food Shelf for funding the pizzas for supper!  This is an activity we will definitely have to do again next year!!

IMAG0370IMAG0367 IMAG0355 IMAG0359 IMAG0364 IMAG0365 IMAG0363 IMAG0361 IMAG0360 IMAG0357 IMAG0362 IMAG0368

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Give a Heart for LAMP Fundraiser


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Taco in a Bag Lunch Fundraiser

Fundraiser for the Litchfield Area Mentorship Program-Kinship

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

From 11:00am – 1:00pm

In the Family Services Building

Room 200

$5.00 for taco in a bag, a chocolate chip cookie, and lemonade



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January is National Mentoring Month!

January brings in the New Year and National Mentoring Month!   During National Mentoring Month we celebrate mentoring and the positive effect it can have on young lives.  We also use time during this month to bring attention to mentoring and how we can all work together to assure positive outcomes for OUR young people in OUR communities.  The theme for this year is “Mentoring Works!”  Mentoring can make a positive impact in a young person’s life in a variety of ways.  Mentoring can help kids stay in school and have a better attitude about education.  It can also help improve self esteem, communication and relationship skills, and confidence.  Mentors can also help in setting career goals and taking steps towards future plans.  Young people with mentors are less likely to be involved with risky behaviors as well.

There will be several main dates to remember during National Mentoring Month.  The first date is January 9, which is “I am a Mentor Day.”  There will be nationwide social media activity for mentors to participate in.  The second date is January 16, which is “Thank Your Mentor Day.”  This day invites anyone who has had a mentor in their life, formally or informally, to thank them for the positive impact they had.  There are a variety of ways you can thank your mentor.  Call them and thank them, take them out to breakfast or lunch, write a thank you card to your mentor, donate to LAMP-Kinship in your mentor’s honor, or become a mentor yourself to pay it forward.  The third date to remember is on January 20, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.  On this day, people are encouraged to volunteer in some way in order to honor Dr. King and his philosophy and life.

During National Mentor Month, LAMP-Kinship is using the month to recruit more mentors for our waiting youth.  Our goal is to find mentors for each of our ten waiting youth!  If you are interested in reading about our waiting youth, you can find descriptions of each of them on under “Youth Waiting.”  Please call or email with any questions.  There are also mentor applications available on-line on our website at or you can call to 320-699-1616 and I can deliver or mail an application to you.  Remember, individuals, couples, and families can be mentors in Kinship!

We only ask for 4 hours of your time per month to be someone who matters to someone who matters.  It is not too much time…even for busy people.  You don’t have to be a child development expert to be a mentor either.  Mentors just need to be caring adults, who can be consistent and dependable in the life of a young person.  Help us reach our goal!  The wonderful kids in our program deserve support from their community.  Help us show our youth that the community wants to see them ALL succeed!

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