Youth Waiting


LAMP-Kinship (Litchfield Area Mentorship Program) is looking for caring adult individuals, couples, or families looking to build a friendship with local youth.  You can help to build a better community simply by spending time with a local child and building a long-lasting friendship.  Contact LAMP for more information by calling 320-699-1616 or emailing to for more details on how you can become a mentor.  The following is a list of LAMP-Kinship youth now on our waiting list and in need of a mentor.


Cole- He is a friendly, outgoing young man in tenth grade this year. He is very into mechanics, snowmobiling, the outdoors, engines, fishing, hunting, four-wheelers, and shop classes like welding and woodworking in school. Could you bring him along as another buddy when you are enjoying your hobbies? Cole has been waiting for a mentor since August 2015.
(Dassel-Cokato area)

Michael- Michael would love a mentor who knows a thing or two about bull riding or horses! He is a very sweet nine year old kid who would have so much fun spending one-on-one time with a mentor from the community. Just having a positive role model to play catch or hit baseballs with would make such a big difference in his life! An individual or couple would be the best fit for Michael. Spring is here, and it would be a great time to get outside and have some fun with this great kid! Michael has been waiting for a mentor since September 2015.

Jamie- This eleventh grade young adult is an amazing person! Would you like to be the lucky woman who gets to hang out and have fun with her? She is into athletics, hunting, animals, and so much more. Jamie also is very kind, has a great sense of humor, and is an excellent leader. Do you share any of these hobbies or interests? Jamie has been waiting for a mentor since December 2015.

Charlie-Charlie is a talkative little third grade boy who just makes you smile when you see him. He loves sharing stories with great excitement! Charlie is also really into biking, fishing, drawing, baking, and the military. He really likes meeting veterans and learning the military commands. Charlie says he’s up for anything, and is open to having an individual mentor or a couple or family as mentors. Would you like to have a great time hanging out and laughing with this little guy? Charlie has been waiting for a mentor since February 2016.


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